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first stop hakone with kids

first stop Hakone with kids

Hi there,

My husband and I travelling with 3 young children to Japan on 13th June. It is my first time in Japan. We have purchased JR passes for 14 days. Our first stop is Hakone. We are going direct for Narita Airport to Hakone. I did some reserch and it looks like this from my understanding

Narita-------------------------------> Tokyo station ----------------------------------------->Odawara to our hotel
Narita express 53 mins and Shinkansen Tokaido or Sanyo 35 mins

My questions are

  1. Can I get reserve seats on Narita express and Shinkansen Tokaido? if yes how do I do that?

  2. To take Shinkasen Tokaido to Odawara station , I need to know which platform to go when I am in Tokyo station?

  3. where to store my lugages in the trains.

Regards, Luxy


Hello there,

1.) Yes, you can make reservation in person, once you've arrived at Narita Airport and exchanged the JR Pass. Also see:

2.) Trains will be displayed at many departure screens. Just find any of these to know where your train departs or ask the JR Staff.

3.) Either in the overhead compartments, or at the end of each train car, where there is space for a couple of suicases.

Hope this helps,

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