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few questions about the bullet train

Few questions about the bullet train

Hi there,
Our group will be in Japan next year and want to buy the 7 day JR rail pass. We would like to ask you a few questions.

1/ We want to take the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto. From the Q&A forum, it looks like we need to take the Hikari train. Is this the only train that we can take to Kyoto? Is there a different between the Hikari and the Sakura or Kodama Shinkansen?

2/ Does the train name "Hikari" printed on the ticket? If not, how do we know where to find the correct train?

3/ Can we board the Hikari train at any train station or we must board the train at the Tokyo station only? We planned to stayed 2 nights in Shinjuku area, can we board the Hikari at the Shinjuku train station?

3/ If we use the JR rail pass for rides within Tokyo city, do we need to make reservation in advance or reservation is only needed for long train ride outside Tokyo?

Thank you very much for your time.


Hi there,

Let's have a look at your questions!

1.) The Hikari is the fastest train for the JR Pass on this route. Alternatively you can use the Kodama Shinkansen. The Sakura Shinkansen travels down from Shin-Osaka to Kyushu.

2.) Yes, its on the ticket. The staff will also tell you what platform, this information is also displayed on electronic displays around the station.

3.) Shinkansen stations around Tokyo are Shinagawa and Tokyo stations. You can use the JR Chuo or Yamanote line to these stations from Shinjuku (JR).

3 v2) Local trains don't have reserved seats. For instance around Tokyo, you just hop on and off.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much for a prompt and helpful replies Daniel.


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