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fare from fukuoka to hiroshima

fare from Fukuoka to Hiroshima

I am going to get a 7 day pass but the 8th day I leave from Narita. I will be staying in Tokyo. Is it better to get regular ticket from Fukuoka to Hiroshima or to get a ticket from Tokyo to Narita airport. What is the coast of both? Thank you


I am buying a pass but I don't know what the better day to activate it. Either going from Fukuoka to Hiroshima or buy a ticket for that day or activate it right away and buy a ticket for Tokyo to Narita airport?


Hmm. I'm not 100% I understand your questions, but I'll do my best!

The costs of the trips you mention:

  1. Fukuoka/Hakata > Hiroshima = ¥8700
  2. Tokyo > Narita Airport = ¥2940

Probably if I had to choose based on price alone, I recommend you choose to pay for the Tokyo > Narita leg, and use the rail pass to go from Fukuoka to Hiroshima.

Hope this helps!

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