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extending our stay in april 2015

extending our stay in April 2015

we will end a tour of Japan in Osaka and want to extend our stay to visit Miyajima, Nikko, then Tokyo to catch our flight home - in total I think its a 6 day extension. is it cost-effective to purchase a 7 day pass? Is it necessary/preferable to book seats. Can luggage be taken on the fast trains? I notice there are day trips to Miyajima. is it better to take these from Osaka or go back to Hiroshima. And if we took a day tour would it still be effective to purchase a 7 day pass?


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A 7 day JR Pass certainly cost effective. A one way ticket Osaka - Hiroshima (¥ 10,230) and Hiroshima - Tokyo (¥ 18,560) will almost pay for a 7 day JR Pass (¥ 29,110). All savings are basically all extra travel, such as to Miyajima, Nikko and to the airport.

Luggage may be taken aboard the Shinkansen (bullet trains). As for day trips, it totally depends on what kind of package you purchase. Sometimes travel is includes and this would be a waste if you have a JR Pass.

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