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exchanging jr voucher and activating the jr pass

Exchanging JR Voucher and activating the JR Pass

Hello Daniel,

I just need some clarification on exchanging and activating the JR Pass. My plans are to exchange the JR vouchers at Kyoto station on Thursday, June 25th. Also on that day, I was also hoping to make all my future reservations (travel to Hiroshima, Takayama and Tokyo) and request that activation for the JR Pass begin on June 28th. Can I make that type of request? Or am I only allowed to activate and make all reservations on my first day of JR Pass usage?



Hi Sharon,

It is possible to start making all the seat reservations you'd like the moment that you have exchanged the JR Pass in Japan. You could reserve your whole itinerary in advance if you like. What I would recommend if you plan to make more than 2 reservations is to bring a printed list with times and places where you wish to travel to. This will greatly speed up the process and the JR Staff will be grateful as well!

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for your help Daniel. I'll make sure I have my dates and times of travel ready for the JR staff when I make my reservations. You've been a big help!



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