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exchange/pick up in advance

Exchange/pick up in advance

We need the 7 day ticket to start 8 days after we land at Haneda. On pick up/exchange can the ticket be dated to commence 8 days later ?
Can we book train time and deserve seats before the start date of the 7 day ticket but after exchange?
We are resident in U.K. For over 10 years. Do we need to get a Resident certificate from the Japanese Embassy in London before we come to Japan?
what travel times are restricted for the ticket to be used on the bullet train?
Harold Booth


Hi there,

Yes, you can select the first day of use when you exchange the pass. This day can be up to 30 days later from the day that you exchange it.

You will need proper documentation that you live outside of Japan for 10 years in a case that you are a Japanese Passport holder. This will need to be collected from your local Japan embassy. If you are a holder of any other national passport, then you only need a temporary visitor stamp in your passport (given when you enter the country). For ful details see our eligibility page.

You can use the JR Pass on any JR train in Japan, there are no travel time restrictions, other than the validity period of the rail pass.

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