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exchange office opening times

Exchange Office opening times

Three of us (3) will be arriving at Haneda airport around 2230 on 20/9/11 and our neice is arriving at Narida airport around 2200 on same day. In looking to exchange our pre-paid orders for a rail pass I note that the Haneda ticket office closes prior to our arrival but that the Narita office closes at 2145. Can our neice exchange all of our orders for passes so that we can all travel by train into Tokyo after midnight or is there something else we should be looking to do?


Hi Hughy,

I'm afraid you need to be present in person with your passport to exchange/activate the pre-paid orders for Rail Passes so you would need to actually visit the Exchange Order office in person. In addition, I think your niece may be too late for the Narita Exchange Order office (Office times are very punctual).

Your only option in this case is to get into town without the rail pass. Travel from Haneda to central Tokyo is cheap on the monorail (¥680), so in some ways if arriving in Haneda at night you get better value out of your rail pass by activating the next day.

Hope this helps,


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OK, thanks.


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