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Hi Daniel,

I am going to arrive Narita airport at 8:55 pm. I don't have luggage.

Do you know if I have enough time to pass the customs, activate the JR pass and take the Narita express to Toyko? If I can't catch the last Narita express, then what's the other option of getting into Toyko in the evening after 9:30 pm? Is it covered by JR pass?



Hi Jess,

The last Narita Express departs around 21:44. This is quite close when it comes to timing, you may or may not make it. Depending on many factors, flight arrival time, customs queue and so on. My advise would be to try this train, failing that you can either use a local JR line (use to find possible connections) or use the Keisei Liner. The JR Pass covers the Narita Express and local JR lines but not the Keisei.

There's also a bus option:

Lastly, avoid using a taxi. Its easy to pay 200USD using a taxi to travel from Narita to Tokyo.

Hope this helps,

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