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exact expiration time of pass

Exact expiration time of pass


I'll be purchasing a 7 day pass and I will be "activating it" around 4:30pm. Will it expire exactly 7 days later at 4:30pm or will it last until the end of that day? I ask, because on the 7th day I will be returning from Osaka at night and I want to make sure it is still valid around 8pm.

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For the Pass, a day starts and ends at midnight. So for your first "day", it would be just from 4:30 PM til midnight. So if you were to activate it at 4:30 PM on May 1st, you could use it til the end of May 7th (although technically if you are riding a train at the end of May 7th a bit past midnight, it is valid til you reach your station). If you try to ride on May 8th ("exactly one week later") you will not be able to use the Pass and you'll have to buy regular tickets.


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Toraneko explains it rather well! The JR Pass is counted in full days (and not hours). The first day is counted as a full day no matter what time you start using it. The JR Pass will expire at midnight on the 7th day. It's a bit like a Cinderella story :)

Also see our blog post for more details.

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