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entry narita exit nagoya

Entry Narita Exit Nagoya

We are 1st time visitors to Japan from the Philippines and we will spend 8 days next month.

We arrive at Narita Day 1 before lunch and leave via Nagoya airport Day 8.

We are staying 3 nights in Tokyo (with day trip in Mt. Fuji), 3 nights in Osaka (with day trips in Kyoto/Nara) and 1 night in Nagoya before we leave on Day 8 at night.

Do you think buying a JR pass is practical or it will be more expensive?

Also, I'm thinking of maybe just staying 2 nights in Osaka and add 1 night in Kyoto or do you think we can easily explore Kyoto from Osaka? We are just trying to minimize hotel transfers to be convenient with the baggage.

Help please.



Hi there,

For your itinerary it is more economic to buy normal tickets as the price of normal tickets is below the price of a 7 day JR Pass. A 7 day JR Pass would have been very useful if you used it to make a return from Tokyo - Osaka/Kyoto.

As for staying in Osaka or Kyoto. Both are close to each other, you could make your base in either one and make day trips from there to the other and Nara.

Hope this helps,

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