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enquiry which railway cannot use jrpass

Enquiry which railway Cannot use JRPass

I had purchase the 7 days JR Pass for my travel in Japan.
I would like to confirm that the below railway which one is cannot access by using JRPass 7 days to makesure my planning and transportation can arrange probably. (under Free and Easy travel)

  1. Subways of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe
  2. Hankyu Railways (Kobe - Osaka - Kyoto)
  3. Hanshin Railways (Kobe - Osaka)
  4. Keihan Railways (Osaka - Kyoto)
  5. Kintetsu Railways (Osaka - Kyoto - Nara)
  6. Nankai Railways (Osaka - Kansai Airport - Koyasan)
  7. Sanyo Railways (Kobe - Himeji)
  8. Keifuku Railways (Kyoto)
  9. Nose Railways (North of Osaka)
  10. Kobe Railways (North of Kobe)
  11. Osaka Monorail (Northern Osaka, Itami Airport)
  12. Kobe Kosoku Railways (Kobe)
  13. Port and Rokko Liner (Kobe)
  14. Various cablecars (Hieizan, Koyasan)
  15. Osaka Municipal Subway / Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway
  16. Kobe Municipal Subway / Hokushinkyuko Railway
  17. Kyoto Municipal Subway
  18. Subway Seishin-yamate Line
  19. Subway Kaigan Line (Yume-Kamome)
  20. Subway Karasuma Line
  21. Subway Tozai Line
  22. Higashiyama Line
  23. Meijo Line
  24. Meiko Line
  25. Tsurumai Line
  26. Sakura-dori Line
  27. Kamiiida Line
  28. Aonami Line
  29. Linimo
  30. Tokai-Hokuriku expressway
  31. Tokai-kanjo Expressway
  32. Takayama Line
  33. Oito Line
  34. Tokai Shinkansen

Kindly confirm that can help me makesure my ittery is correct and has good trip in Japan.
Thanks You.
Bee Kuan

Bee Kuan,Tan
Bee Kuan,Tan

Hi there!

With the JR Pass you can travel on all JR owned and operated lines freely. The Japan Rail Pass doesn't give you access to municipal run subways or any other non-JR operated lines.

For the Kansai area, you should investigate the Surutto Kansai Thru Pass. It is a non-JR rail pass that offers very extensive unlimited travel on a wide range of all rail and bus services in the Kansai area, including the metro service inside Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe and the nankai rail service from Kansai Airport (for a small additional charge). Here's a map showing the coverage.

The key feature of the Surutto Kansai Thru Pass pass is that you are not allowed to use JR trains, however when paired with a JR Pass gives excellent coverage.

I hope this helps!

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