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eligibility without temporary visit visa

Eligibility without temporary visit visa

Hi~ i have read from the section of eligibility, for residents in those countries not listed, they need to obtain the temporary visit visa then only qualify to turn in XO for JR pass.

Malaysia is not in that list. Im from Malaysia and currently malaysian entering japan for short stay doesnt need to apply for visa as long as having the microchip on the passport.

Therefore would like to double confirm that the imigration officer will stamp the 'temporary visit' on my passport right? And i can turn in the XO for JR pass at japan even i dont have the visiting visa??


Hi there!

Sorry out website is not completely up to date yet when it comes to Malaysia. We are currently working on updating the website and this will be added once the update is ready. Due to recent changes with immigration producers people from Malaysia can now enter Japan under a 15 day tourist visa. This visa is also valid for the JR Pass, so you can use the pass without worry.

The exact details about eligibility can be found here:

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel,

Yeah it did help a lot! Thank you very much =)))


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