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eligibility of jr pass for short term business visit

Eligibility of JR pass for short term business visit


I will be traveling to Japan for a business meeting with my parent company. I have a short term visa (90 days max stay ) under "temporary visitor" category. Am I eligible to use JR pass? The visa does not say if it is a short term business visa or a short term tourist visa. Doesn't Japan distinguish the two categories?

Japan railways site says that only foreigners who come for "sightseeing" under "temporary visitor" entry status can use JR pass. It's quite confusing as to how they distinguish "business" and "sightseeing" under the same "temporary visitor" category.



Hi there!

Provided you are in Japan under the 'temporary visitor' entry status you will be eligible for the Japan Rail Pass. In your case as you have the 'temporary visitor' entry status you will be eligible.

I hope this clears up any confusion!

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Thank you so much Mari for your clarification. I was wondering if the immigration officer at the entry point in Japan would stamp the entry category based on the purpose of the visit :)


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