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eligibility for japanese un passport (unlp) holders

Eligibility for Japanese UN passport (UNLP) holders

I work for an international organization as an international civil servant in the United States, but am a Japanese national. Am I eligible to buy and use the Japan Rail pass? I am not a green card holder, but have a UN passport and UN visa (G-4 visa for the United States). I (semi-)permanently live in the United States. I also have a Japanese passport and usually use the Japanese passport to enter Japan, although I can also use my UN passport to enter Japan.


Hello there,

The JR rules are very strict on eligibility I'm afraid. As you are a Japanese National, you would need to qualify under those conditions rather than the conditions for foreign tourists. The eligibility for Japanese nationals is:

  1. who is qualified to live permanently in that country
  2. who is married to a non-Japanese residing in a country other than Japan

As you are not a fully permanent resident in the USA (eg, green card) then you will be ineligible unless you are married to a non-Japanese not living in Japan.

Hope this helps clear things up!

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