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early morning arrival at haneda

Early morning arrival at Haneda


I will be arriving at Haneda Airport at 5:00 in the morning and would like to activate my JR Pass and take the shinkansen to Kyoto.

I've read about two options. One is to take the bus to Shin-Yokohama Stn, where the office opens at 5:30. The other is to take the mono rail to Hamamatsucho, and transfer to Yamamote line to Tokyo (office opens at 7:30).

Which option do you recommend?



Hi Danielle,

I would say go to Tokyo station and activate your pass there. This involves a lot less travel and the expanse to get to Tokyo station is less too.

Besides you land around 5.30 this means you will probably reach Tokyo station after 6.30 giving you less than an hour to wait. You may as well take it as an excuse to enjoy a coffie at Tokyo station and see how the city wakes up. (The mono rail ride is also very beautiful during the morning as you get to see the sun rise over the Tokyo skyline.

I hope this helps,

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