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does this itinerary worth the 14 day pass?

Does this itinerary worth the 14 day pass?


I´m wondering about getting a 14 day or 7 day pass for the following itinerary:

Day1: Arrive at Narita Airport terminal 1 at 7 am and go to Kyoto
Day2: Kyoto
Day3: Kyoto
Day4: Nara
Day5: Hiroshima
Day6: Osaka
Day7: Koyasan
Day8: Koyasan
Day9: Tokyo
Day10: Tokyo
Day11: Tokyo
Day 12: Tokyo
Day 13: Mt Fuji and Kawaguchico
Day 14: Nikko (Hopefully we will catch autumn leaves , date will be October 23)
Day 15: Tokyo
Day 16: Back to Narita Airport

Thanks a lot!!


Yes, you will save hundreds with the pass. (I estimate your travel expense without the JR Pass by ~700€) You might consider the 21 day pass by using google maps or HyperDia to get the prices for your first or last two days. In my opinion, Shinkansen are extremely pricey if you are using no JR pass.

Be careful not to use the Nozomi (express Shinkansen) between Osaka and Tokyo. Some of your routes won't be free with the pass as well, so you should either plan the routes beforehand or be prepared to pay an unknown sum when booking your seats upon arrival.


Thanks a lot! Only one more thing, which of the routes are not free with the JR Pass?


Parts of Osaka - Koyasan - Tokyo and Kyoto - Nara - Hiroshima are not operated by JR and will most likely not accept the JR Pass. I don't think they will cost much since the long distance routes are operated by JRs Shinkansen.

Maybe some employee will answer your question as well, since I'm a just tourist like you I won't guarantee that my statement above is completely accurate or complete. Either wait for a better answer or plan your trip using Google maps.

Have a nice trip!


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