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does these trains entail extra fee for jr pass

Does these trains entail extra fee for JR pass














(14)青い森鉄道・八戸行_JR大湊線・大湊行 (15)JR快速しもきた






















Hi there,

Almost all of the lines are covered, the only lines you need to pay some attention are the following:

JR新幹線のぞみ54号 (Nozomi) Nozomi trains can't be boarded with the JR Pass, you can use ひかり(hikari) or こだま(kodama) trains instead, they follow the same route as the Nozomi but make a couple more stops on the way.

JR特快HAMANASU Night train, is covered by the JR Pass. This train is very popular however so be sure to make reservations well in advance, otherwise you have a good chance of not being able to board the train.

The rest is covered, you can also use this ma to see what lines are covered by the JR Pass.

Enjoy your trip!

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