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does my trip justify -14-day jr pass?

Does my trip justify -14-Day JR Pass?


I will be heading to Japan in October for two weeks (Oct 13-26). I haven't planned a ride from NRT to Tokyo yet or Tokyo to NRT on my way back. I plan to spend the first week in Tokyo, just travelling locally (unless someone suggests other good day trips), and will be taking the bullet train (with JR Pass I guess I will be taking Hikari) to Osaka where I will stay another week (and go to Kyoto) on Oct 19th before taking the bullet train back to Tokyo and to the airport on Oct 26. My partner and I are trying to see if it would be worth purchasing a 14-Day JR pass as we are not sure how many train rides we would be taking locally a day and the average cost it would be.


Oct. 13-18 travelling within Tokyo
Oct. 19 travel to Osaka
Oct. 19-25 travel within Osaka, Kyoto
Oct. 26 travel back to Tokyo to NRT for flight home

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The transit system is very dense and as impressed as I am, I am also a bit intimidated :P


Hi there,

For your itinerary, the most expensive part is return trip between Tokyo and Osaka/ Kyoto. If you can use the JR pass within 7 days, a 7-day JR pass will be cost-effective choice.

If you add few more long distance trip with bullet trains, 14-day pass will be economical choice. For example, day-trip to Nikko is nice!

Also, you can check our 14-day suggest itiney here

I hope this helps,

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