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does jr pass covers all my transport in my plan?

Does jr pass covers all my transport in my plan?


Does the JR pass covers the below lines and stations? I only know asakusa and tobu line are not included.

N’EX Narita Express
Tokaido Shikansen to Nagoya station
Chuo line from Naoya to Jinryo station
Tokaido sanyo shinkansen from Nagoya to Shin Osaka
Midosuji line from Shin Osaka to Dobutsuen-Mae station
Sakaisuji line from Dobutsuen-Mae to Ebisucho station

Day 2
Sakaisuji line from ebisucho to sakisujihommachi
Chuo line from sakaisujihommachi to osakako station
Chuo line from osakako to hommachi station
Midosuji line from hommachi to namba station
Sakaisuji line from nippombashi to ebisucho station

Day 3
Sakaisuji line from ebisucho to dobusuen-mae
Midosuji line from dobusuen-mae to daikokucho station
Yotsubashi line from daikokucho to higobashi station
Yotsubashi line from higobashi to nishi-umeda station
Midosuji line from umeda to dobutsuen-mae
Sakaisuji line from dobutsuen-mae to ebisucho station

Day 4
Sakaisuji line from ebisucho to dobutsuen-mae
Osaka loop line from shin-imamiya to nishi-kujo station
Sakurajima line from nishi-kujo to universal city station

Day 5
Sakaisuji line from ebisucho to sakaisujihommachi station
Chuo line from sakisujihommachi to morinomiya station

Day 6
Sakaisuji line from ebisucho to dobutsuen-mae station
Midosuji line from dobutsuen-mae to shin-osaka station
Tokaido-sanyo shinkansen from shin-osaka to Tokyo station
Keihintohoku or yamanote line from Tokyo to akihabara station

Day 7
Hibiya line from akihabara to tsukiji station
Hibiya line from tsukiji to higashi-ginza station
Hibiya line from higashi-ginza to ginza station
Marunouchi line from ginza to Tokyo station
Hitachi-tokiwa, keihintohoku or yamanote line from Tokyo to ueno station
Ginza line from ueno to asakusa station
Tobu line from asakusa to Tokyo skytree station
Asakusa line from oshiage to daimon station
Hibiya line from kamiyacho to akihabara station

Day 8
Hibiya line from akihabara to hacchobori station
Keiyo line from hacchobori station to maihama station

Day 9
Yamanote line from akihabara to nippori station
Yamanote line from nippori to komagome station
Yamanote line from komagome to sugamo station
Yamanote line from sugamo to ikebukuro station
Yamanote line from ikebukuro to akihabara station

Day 10
Keihintohoku line from yurakucho to kanda station
Keihintohoku line from kanda to oimachi station
Rinkai line from oimachi to Tokyo teleport station

Day 11
Chuo-Sobu line from akihabara to ochannomizu station
Chuo line from ochanomizu to shinjuku station
Keio line from shinjuku to chofu station
Keio-sagamihara line from chofu to keio-tama-center station
Marunouchi line from shinjuku to nishi-shinjuku station
Chuo-Sobu line from shinjuku to akihabara station

Day 12
Yamanote line from akihabara to shibuya station
Yamanote line from shibuya to Harajuku station
Yamanote line from Harajuku to yoyogi station
Chuo line from yoyogi to nakano station
Chuo-Sobu line from nakano to akihabara station


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