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do we need to buy jr pass or normal ticket

Do we need to buy JR pass or normal ticket


On the 14th of Oct we will arrive in Narrita.
14 Tokyo
15 Tokyo
16 October we want to go to Kyoto as a daily tour by Nozomi Shinkansen and come back
17 Tokyo
18 Departure from Narrita
We are four persons.

Do you recommend us to buy JR pass ?
Or is it better to get a e-voucher?
What do you recommend?

Thanks too much for your help


Hi Necla,

Judging for your plans, I do think that the JR Pass could be a good help in making savings over normal tickets.
This because the 7 JR Pass is just about the same price as a normal return between Tokyo - Kyoto on with the Nozomi express. In addition you get 7 days of unlimited travel which makes for a pretty good deal. For instance you can use it on the local JR network in Tokyo and to travel to Narita Airport.

I have to say that you can't use the Nozomi Shinkansen, however you can take the Hikari Super Express instead. This train is exactly the same as a Nozomi but makes a couple more stops on the way. The end result is that travel to Kyoto takes 19 to 20 minutes longer.

I hope this helps and have a pleasant trip!

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