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do i need to buy the jr pass?

Do I need to buy the JR Pass?


We plan to go to Japan on 20-26 March; and we are not sure if it worth to buy the JR Pass. We plan to visit only Tokyo and Kyoto per below schedule;

Day1; arrive Japan (we plan to take the Airport shutter to the hotel as we are traveling with small children)
Day2; to Tokyo Disneyland (hotel will provide the transportation)
Day3; to Tokyo Disneyland again
Day4; Go to Kyoto
Day5; Sight-seeing within Kyoto
Day6; return to Tokyo
Day7; Go back (once again, we plan to take the Airport shutter)

According to the above schedule, do we need to buy the JR Pass and are there any alternative passes that better accommodate to our needs?



Hi Benchanee,

In general for a 7 day rail pass to be worth it you need to spend at least ¥28,300 on individual JR tickets. As the return to Kyoto is ¥26,040 you'll need to do more travel on JR to make a rail pass worth it.

Unless you're thinking of doing more travel (for example around Tokyo or Kyoto), I recommend purchasing single JR tickets as needed.

Hope this helps!

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