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do i need other transportation rather than jrpass?

Do I need other transportation rather than JRPass?

Hello everybody,

I'll be traveling to Japan next week, and I'm planning to do the following:

17-09-2014 Arriving in Narita
18-09-2014 Tokyo
19-09-2014 Tokyo
20-09-2014 Tokyo
21-09-2014 Tokyo (Day trip Kamakura)
22-09-2014 Kyoto
23-09-2014 Kyoto
24-09-2014 koyasan/kumano
25-09-2014 koyasan/kumano
26-09-2014 Kyoto
27-09-2014 Kyoto (Day trip hiroshima)
28-09-2014 Hakone
29-09-2014 Hakone
30-09-2014 Flight from Narita

I have a 14 days JR Pass. What do you think of this plan? Any suggestions?

Do you know in all theses place, where JRPass do not work?
Probably in the:
• Tokyo subway, • kyoto local transportation, • koyasan/kumano local transportation, • Hiroshima local transportation, • hakone transportation I’ll have to buy other kind of tickets, right?

Any idea if it’s easy to go from Koyasan to Nachi falls in Kumano?

Thanks for the help.


Hi there,

You've got it all down and sorted :) All other travel is included in the JR Pass.

I checked the route from Koya-san to Nachifalls, which basically means returning to Osaka and traveling from there. It seems pretty difficult so be sure to prepare beforehand. This blog offers a good guide.

It all looks good for the rest!

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Thank you very much Daniel-san.

Do you know if there are some organized tours from kyoto, that go to koyasan and kumano?



Hi there,

Yes there certainly are! However I usually do the planning myself and am not very familiar with tours.

The English speaking tourist information at Kyoto station is a big help for these kinds of things. Just drop by and I think you should be able to find a tour in no time.

Hope this helps!

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