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do i need a passport when travelling with the pass? & should i reserve seats?

Do I need a passport when travelling with the pass? & should I reserve seats?

Will I need to carry my passport around whilst using the activated pass? Or is just the pass alone sufficient for travel in Japan?

Also, I am planning on going from Osaka - Tokyo, I know the NOZOMI / MIZUHO are not available to JR pass holders, so I will be getting the Hikari from Shin-Osaka - should I be reserving seats on trains like this? I speak no japanese so will getting reservations be a problem w/ the language barrier?


Hi there!

The Japanese government requires foreign visitors to carry their passport with them at all times, so you'll have keep it with you in any event. JR Staff may also ask for your passport from time to time. This to confirm that you are the holder to which the pass was issued for.

All JR Station staff will have at least a basic understanding of English when it comes to making seat reservations. Just tell the staff where you wish to go and they will print the tickets for you. All major stations also have an English speaking tourist information which can be of great help if you want something special.

Hope this helps!

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