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do i need a jr pass?

Do I need a JR Pass?

Hi everyone,

I'm planning a 09days/08nights trip to Japan and I've read a JR Pass is extremly efective for moving around.
My itinerary includes:

  • Arriving at Narita Airport and going to my hotel.
  • Moving around Tokyo
  • Tokyo-Kamakura
  • Tokyo-Hakone
  • Hakone-Kyoto
  • Kyoto-Osaka
  • Osaka-Tokyo
  • Hotel-Airport

Does anybody knows in which trips I would be able to use the Pass? Is it worth it? Do I need the 14d or the 7d?

pd. Is my itinerary missing something? should I make it more simple? =)


Hi there,

The JR Pass covers travel between all these places but not every route is very expansive. My advise would be to use a JR Pass to travel to Hakone, Kyoto, Osaka and back to Tokyo. A 7 day JR Pass would be ideal if you can use it for this part of the itinerary.

Hope this helps,

PS: There are always new things to explore in Japan, don't worry about what you are missing, instead enjoy was you are seeing. Can always visit Japan a 2nd time :)

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Thank you so much for your answer.
Can you help with this one? If I start using my JR Pass on Friday around 07pm, would I be able to still use it next Friday around 09am? or de 07 days are calendar?


Hi again,

The JR Pass is counted in full days (not 24h periods). Meaning it would be valid Fri - Thursday.

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