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do i need a jr pass?

Do I need a JR Pass?

Hi! I will be going to Tokyo from 2 -13 December. I am working around my itinerary with the following places of visit. First stop straight after landing would be to Mt Fuji for 3D2N. I will be staying in the Theme park hotel. I am thinking of going to the Safari and Snow Sown Yeti (all in 1 day) and I would not be doing that while at Mt Fuji. I was told from Mt Fuji to these 2 places which is near Hakone would be faster from Shinjuki. So we would return to Tokyo and then go on a 1 day visit to Hakone. If not, we may bring it to 2 days.

We would also go Yokohama and Disneyland/Sea.

The rest of the stay would be to Asakusa, Shibuya etc. We will be staying at Shinjuku.

Given this rough itinerary.... would it be better to get a JR Rail pass or we have other cheaper, if not faster travelling options?

Thank you!


Hi there,

All of the travel you plan to do is pretty close together. Therefor you would not make savings using a JR Pass. Instead you could look at a Hakone Free Pass. You can indeed use it right away from Shinjuku.

Hope this helps,

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