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discount for foreign students

Discount for foreign students

Hi there,

Me and friend are going to Japan on August 21st till August 31. We are U.S. citizen and full time students at University .

Our Itinerary is as fallows:

Arriving Narita Airport

August 21- August 25 => Kyoto
August 25- August 26 => Osaka
August 26- August 31=> Tokyo

August 31, go back to Narita Air port.

I guess our only option would be buying the 14 day pass?

Would there be any discount for us being students?

Thank You


Hi there!

Looking at your travel I recommend you purchase the 7 day pass to cover your travel down to kansai from Tokyo and back. You should make a small saving over buying regular tickets, but will have the flexibility to do any further jr travel for free (for example a day trip to Hiroshima). Based on your itinerary I don't think a 14 day pass will be cost effective without further travel so I don't recommend that option.

I'm afraid that as the jrpass is already a heavily discounted ticket there are no student discounts available.

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