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Hi ,

I have left my booking of a rail pass very late. It is the 22nd of December and I leave for Japan on the 27th of December.

It seems that there would not be enough time for the pass to be delivered to Australia. What are the minimum delivery times to Brisbane Australia at this time of the year?

I note that there does not appear to be an online voucher system which would seem to be a good suggestion.

I also see that the pass cannot be purchased once you are in Japan even though I am a foreigner and would have the correct visa.

Can I purchase it in Australia over the internet and then collect the voucher and pass from an agent/office in Japan?

Can I get my sister who lives in Tokyo to order it and/or collect it from an agent?

Can I, or my sister who lives in Japan, order it directly from a local agent so that I can collect it once I arrive and show the correct passport and visa?

Thanks for your help.




Hello David,

It's hard to say exactly how long it will take to ship the pass to Australia with the Christmas holidays just around the corner. Chances are small though, that it would reach you in time.

I would do one of the following two options.

1.) Order a JR Pass and have it delivered to your sisters address in Japan. Please note that the order has to be placed outside of Japan. This would allow enough time to get it to you in Tokyo around the 27th.

2.) Purchase an exchange voucher locally at a re-seller agency in Australia. Then bring the voucher with you to Japan and exchange it there.

Hope this helps,

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