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could i reserve a seat for 'eva-shinkansen' with jrpass?

could i reserve a seat for 'eva-shinkansen' with jrpass?

i plan to travel japan few month later,
all the reason that i visit japan is actually the Evangelion Shinkansen!!!!!!!! the 500 type eva!
If I fail to ride on, it will be worst sorrow for my life :<
could i book a seat for eva shinkansen?
if i could i would book a seat at the day of reservation opening.
i know it is about 30days before the day i want to ride
and i arrive at japan 30days before the day i want to ride my Eva-shinkansen,
so if i could book it, it means i can ride it, and i can sleep well and happily wait for my ride.
(if i could not, i am willing to BUY a ticket for it. but....yeah..price is not that happy though...


Hi there,

The Eva-Shinkansen consider * just * a normal Kodama service, so you can ride it without any additional fee.

Just find the schedule and make a reservations for it, no need to stay awake for it.

Enjoy your trip and be sure to share your best pictures with us!

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