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colours and validation

Colours and validation

Upon my arrival at Narita airport, where should I go to validate my JRPass? I was told there are some trains/ shinkansens that are not part of JR programm..How can I tell them a part? what is the colour of JR sign? by those colors can tell them apart easier?Many thx


Hi there.

You can recognize the JR by its beautiful green JR Logo. Like this example.

With the JR Pass you can make us of all JR train lines in Japan including the high speed bullet trains. You can't use the bullet trains classified as Nozomi/Mizuhou but you can take all other instead that travel the same route. You won't have to worry about this though, as you can just show your JR Pass to the JR Staff and they will print the right tickets for you.

Please see this map for the full coverage. In some regions of Japan you may also find local privately owned lines, these have other names like Kintetsu railways and lines and the station names usually include the companies name, like Kintetsu Nara, of course they don't display the JR Logo and don't use other green logo's.

I hope this clears things up!

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