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clarifications on use of a jr pass

Clarifications on Use of a JR Pass

Sorry to make this a new Question - Any reason why I got NO reply to this one ?

Thanks Daniel. A few more clarifications please.

[1] If the trains are crowded - can I travel "standing" and wait for the next station to get a seat ? Can I have the ticket examiner inside the train get me a vacant seat ? Am I expected to wait for the next train ? What interval is the next train in the Osaka / Tokyo section or in the Hiroshima Nagasaki section?

[2] Can you give me some more details for my 1st segment Osaka Kansai to Tokyo Shinjuku please? As a first timer , I find the website / Rail Time Table rather intimidating ! ie:
After getting my JR Pass validated at the Kansai JR Station around say 1500 Hrs what do I do? Do I go to Shin Osaka ? How do I go there ? Will I get a Shinkansen at Shin Osaka ? Will it have seats? Do I need to visit a counter once again? Where do I get down ? at what time ?Another train to Shinjuku ? What time will it take me ? What time will I reach ?

Will appreciate details for this 1st segment - I will work out the balance myself once I get to know the ropes.

Thanks Daniel


Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply, its really busy on the forum lately and I simply can't always answer as fast as I'd like

1.) You can always stand and take a seat when people get off the train. Generally there are multiple services per hour and the first person to queue for a non-reserved seat will be the first to board the train.

2.) The route Kansai Airport - Tokyo is as following: Take the Haruka Express from Kansai Airport to Shin-Osaka, there you can transfer to the Shinkansen bound for Tokyo. There is a Hikari and Haruka service at least every 30min. The whole route can be reserved at Kansai Ariport. From Tokyo, take the JR Chuo line to Shinjuku.

A full route would like like this.

Hope this explains things!

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