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children free under school age

Children Free under school age


I have heard from friends in Japan that children are free untill they start school regardless of whether they have turned 6 or not. Is this correct?



Hi there,

I'm afraid that I can only find information on the 'school rule' on the Japanese language JR pages. Based on the English language information we have from JR, and on the information here I think it is likely that while this rule may exist for children in Japan (all Japanese children must go to school from 6 years old), as the school starting age differs from country to country JR has listed specific age brackets for the classification of infants and children for foreign visitors.

I'm afraid the the JR Pass rules regarding child/infant classification are very strict and so while children aged 0-5 may travel for free, children aged 6-11 must travel under a child ticket/rail pass.

Hope this helps!

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