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check itinerary and shinkansen (restricted number of luggages?)

Check itinerary and Shinkansen (restricted number of luggages?)


I plan to come to Japan on August 2016 and I have few questions about the use of the JR Pass.
Could you confirm me that the JR pass covers all the following travels :
1) Tokyo-Hakone
2) Tokyo-Kamakura
3) Tokyo-Nikko
4) Tokyo-Kyoto (Shinkansen)
5) Kyoto-Nara
6) Kyoto-Osaka
7) Kyoto-Hiroshima (Shinkansen)
8) Hiroshima-Mayajima
9) Hiroshima-Tokyo (Shinkansen)

Moreover, could you tell me if it is convenient to use the JR pass to move in Tokyo city or if it is more suitable to use the subway?

At last, are there restrictions for the number of luggages per person in the Shinkansen? We will have 2 luggages per person (1 small suitcase and 1 large one) but I have read that suitcases can only be stored behind the last row of seats of each car. Are there any alternatives if they are all occupied?

Thank you for your consideration,
Have a nice day,



Hi Aline,

The JR Pass covers all of the above travel. Including the ferry to Miyajima and Shinkansen lines. It also includes local travel on JR lines in Tokyo, Osaka and elsewhere. In Tokyo, this is enough to see most major tourist spots. For instance the Yamanote line stops at all big stations like, Tokyo, Ueno, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Shibuya and so on.

Once all suitcase spots are taken, they are full. However I've yet to see a case where this causes problems. Its also possible to keep your suitcase in the overhead compartments.

Hope this helps,

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