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charge me cancellation fee?

Charge me cancellation fee?

I use Japan east jr pass. And i reserve shinkansen ticket online and choose to collect the ticket in haneda airport. Then when i pick up the jr pass when i arrive airport, the officier told me that i cannot collect the reserved ticket before the day i choose. Then i get every ticket according to her instruction, i got all my shinkansen tickets and used according to the reserved schedule in midori ticket office with my reserved number before. But you send me email that i did not collect the reserved tickets? I am confused about this situation, you have charged me totally 6x310yenx2peraons= 3720yen. Could you explain why?


Hi there,

Technically your tickets had to be cancelled and re-booked under the JR Pass. Every cancelled tickets incurs a cancellation fee. You booked 12 tickets, this added up to 3720yen.

Please keep in mind that this forum is not operated or monitored by JR and I can only explain the situation knowing how the system works.

If you wish to discuss it further, I would suggest contacting JR East in this regards.

Hope this helps,

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Much thanks for your prompt reply, i will ask them directly tomorrow


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