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Central Japan Railway

I found that <Central Japan Railway> has issued a new Tourist Pass that allows tourists to travel from Osaka to Nagoya and up to Takayama. - (

My question is - This is a 5 day pass. With my itinerary below (5 days itinerary), will I be able to make full use of this pass?

11 Dec - Travel from Kyoto to Nagoya (shinkansen) - (Cannot use pass on Shinkansen)

12 Dec - Whole day in Nagoya
13 Dec - Travel from Nagoya to Takayama via Hida Wide Express
14 Dec - Whole day in Takayama - Visit Shirakawago
15 Dec - Takayama to Nagoya via Hida Wide Express

16 Dec - Nagoya to Kyoto via Shinkansen, same day back to Osaka - Cannot use pass)
17 Dec - Osaka to Kobe via Shinkansen (Cannot use pass)


Hi there,

The ticket that you are linking to has a very specific usage route and for instance does not include Shinkansen travel. However if you travel this exact route than the ticket provides good value over normal tickets and would help you make savings.

Enjoy your trip!

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So based on what you understand of this "pass",

  • can this pass be used on the Hida Wide View train to Takayama and then back to Nagoya.
  • And also can this pass be used to take the Nohi bus from Takayama to Shirakawago and back to Sharakawago.

Thanks a lot.


Hi again,

From reading the article you linked, I believe so. There's no mention of the train name anywhere but the pictures do correspondent to the Thunderbird and Wide View express trains.

It also mentions the Nohi bus as transport method to Shirakawago, so you can assume that is correct.

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