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carry on luggage limitations?

Carry on luggage limitations?

Hi,I have a group of 10 pax travelling in mid Dec and we plan to travel from Tokyo to Osaka by bullet train, from Osaka to Narita Airport? We have 10 people so we will have 10 pieces of luggages to carry around.

It is possible for us to bring our luggages (about 30 inch, 24 inch) into the train?

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

Luna Teo
Luna Teo

Hi Luna,

Luggage room on the bullet train

There is large luggage space provided at the end of each bullet train carriage behind the last chairs in the car. There is also overhead luggage space, however it will not be big enough for large cases.

In general, each carriage can store around 4-6 items of large luggage behind the last seats, so if there are 10 of you, you may need to split the luggage over 2 or more carriages.

Luggage room on the Narita Express

As you might expect, there is ample room for luggage on the Narita Express (the train you will take to Narita Airport from Tokyo station). You should have no problems with luggage on this train.

Hope this helps!

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