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can we reserve seats ahead of our arrival?

Can we reserve seats ahead of our arrival?

I think we are coming on one of the busiest days of the year, March 27 into Kansai airport early in the morning and we want to get to Kyoto on the Haruku direct train. Will this be a problem if we can not reserve from the U.S.?
Also, what is the difference between regular and first class seats?


Hi Richard,

I don't think getting tickets for the Haruka will be a problem on arrival. This because the main purpose is to get people from the Kansai area to the airport. So it is not influenced as much by national holidays as other trains may be. It is not possible to make reservations for this train outside of Japan.

To get an idea of the difference between Green and Normal class, have a look at this page:

Hope this helps,

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