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can i visit these places using the jr pass?

Can I visit these places using the JR Pass?

Hi there,

I am visiting Japan for 14 days and would like to pack as much travelling and sight seeing into my time there as possible. I have had a look at the interactive map and am not clear if the JR pass covers travel on Shinkansen trains as I have ready elsewhere that these trains require the user to pay extra.

I am flying into Narita airport and travelling to Yokahomo which I understand is covered by the JR Pass. However, can I use the JR pass to visit the following places. In some of your previous posts, you mention that the traveller is required to purchase an extra ticket to visit Mt Fuji - can you explain a bit more? How far does that JR Pass cover this journey - from where would I need to purchase the top up ticket and how much roughly would this cost.

Finally, is travel within Tokyo (on the metro line) and Yokohama covered by the JR Pass? Also, which bus companies are covered by the JR Pass.

• Manza Onsen • Nagano and Karuizawa Heights • Takayama • Shirakawa-go • Gokayama • Yamikita • Nagoya, • Nakasendo, • Kyoto, • Osaka • Nara. • Kamakura
• Hakone, mount Fuji • Hakone • Nikko or Manza Onsen • Nikko or Manza Onsen area • Hike to Mount Takao • Hike Mount Mitake • Nokogiri Yama • Zushi and Yokohama

Am I able to collect an exchange order in person at your offices if you are based in the London area?

Many thanks in advance,

Excited Traveller to Japan! :)


Hi there Exited Traveler :)

I see you are planning a great trip with many amazing visits. I had to look up some of them to find out if you can reach them by JR. Do note that you can use the JR Pass to travel on every Shinkansen line, the only trains not covered on the Shinkansen line are Mizohou/Nozomi but you can take the Hikari train instead that stops at all the same stations (and a couple more).

The following location are fully covered by the JR Pass:
• Manza Onsen • Nagano and Karuizawa Heights • Takayama • Yamikita • Nagoya • Nakasendo • Kyoto, • Osaka • Nara. • Kamakura • Nikko • Mount Mitake • Nokogiri Yama • Zushi and Yokohama

The following location may need extra fees.
• Shirakawa-go (only reachable by bus). • Gokayama (same as Shirakawago). • Hakone and mount Fuji, you can take the Bullet train to the Hakone access station Odawara, from here however you have to travel by privately owned local lines. •Takao, you can get there really close, only the last part is by private line 120Yen for details see this website.

About mount Fuji: I am currently writing a guide on traveling there as we have had a lot of question about it on the website lately. I hope to have it up this weekend so keep an eye on the website. In the meantime here in a mini guide: The most economic way to travel to the Fuji Area is by taking the trains to Otsuki, this is a station not too far from Tokyo. From Otsuki you can take a private line to Fuji (five lakes). This last part is 1,100Yen. For more information about Fuji I would recommend reading this website.

As for delivery, we currently do not offer a location where you can collect your JR Pass. However all shipping in the UK is free and Next day during normal working days.

Have a great time in Japan!

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Hi there Daniel,

Thanks for replying!

Can I check if we can use the pass for travelling on the Tokyo metro line? I think we can travel on local lines in Yokohama (where we will be based for much our time) - could you confirm?

Finally, can we travel from Narita to Yokohama using the JR Pass?

Thanks so much! :)


Good morning!

The JR Pass is not accepted on the Tokyo Metro. You can however use it to travel around on the local JR rail Network around Tokyo. Including the Yamanote line that makes a stop at all the important inner wards of Tokyo.

Also you are completely fine in Yokohama too, there are many local JR Lines there that you can use to travel around the city.

And lastly, YES! you can take the Narita Express directly to Yokohama from Narita Airport. The is by far the best way to travel from the Airport.


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