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can i use multiple, separate passes?

Can I use multiple, separate passes?

I'm traveling to Japan pretty soon and I'm going to travel around a lot. The thing is that there are places I'm going to stay at for over a week, and I was wondering if it's possible to buy two different passes and to activate each on different time to save costs?
Also, how do I get the pass? is it being sent to my house? how long does this take?



Hi there,

Yes, it's totally possible to purchase 2 smaller passes and then activate them at different times during your trip. We often provide 2 x 7 day passes for people who are doing this sort of travel.

Purchasing a rail pass

You must purchase a Japan Rail Pass before you get to Japan. Choose the tickets you want online, and pay in a completely secure way. We will send you an 'Exchange Order' for the Japan Rail Pass.

Upon arrival in Japan, this is activated and exchanged for use. This activation can be done at JR stations all over Japan.

Depending on your location our delivery takes from between 1-4 days. Please note that we require 1 business day for processing in addition to the delivery speed. You can find details of all our delivery speeds and costs here.

Hope this helps!

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