questions & answers: using the japan rail pass

can i use it in tokyo?

Can I use it in Tokyo?


Some people say that JRP can not be used between stations in Tokyo.
I'm planning to stay around Tokyo Station or Chiyoda and want to travel around Tokyo.
Also, I want to take my kids to Disneylands area.

After Tokyo, going to mt. Fuji and Kyoto/Osaka. Can it still covered by JRP?



Hi there,

Yes you can use the JR Pass on all JR Lines in and around Tokyo. This includes travel to Disney land and the Chidoya ward.

After Tokyo you can take the Bullet train to Kyoto and on to Osaka with the JR Pass. For Mt Fuji I would recommend traveling to the station Otsuki near Tokyo from there you can take a non-JR train to Fuji. Find out more about getting to Fuji here.

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Hi Daniel,

We already make all arrangement for our Japan trip.

I will be staying around Shinagawa, Tokyo and planning to travel in and around Tokyo, especially Disneyland.
From Shinagawa to Disneyland/disneysea what train should I take and do they covered by JRP?

I wil be staying for 5 days in Tokyo and planning to sightseeing in and around Tokyo. What lines that does not covered by JRP? And how long will it take for us to get to Otsuki/mount Fuji. Can I do it in a day trip?

After Tokyo we're going to Osaka, and from there Osaka - Kyoto. Do those trip cover by JRP?

Thanks so much.


Hi Again!

It's a pretty straightforward route from Shingawa - Disneyland, the station for Disneyland is called Maihama.
From Shinagawa travel to Tokyo station and take a train from there to Maihama.

Here is the route in Hyperdia. They route is covered by the JR Pass.

All JR lines in Tokyo are covered by the JR Pass - other transport methods like the Tokyo metro don't accept the JR Pass. Here is a map from the Tokyo area with every line and station covered by the JR Pass.

I see you are already a little familiar with the route Tokyo - Fuji with a transfer at Otsuki. The route takes about 150-180 minutes assuming you travel to the Kawaguchi-ko area. You can find more about traveling to mount Fuji here.

As for traveling to Osaka/Kyoto, the JR Pass does cover this route and you can ride the bullet train there!

I hope this helps,

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