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can i use haruka pass on jr kansai airport rapid service?

Can I use Haruka Pass on JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service?

For my return leg to Kansai Airport, I will begin from JR Universal City. Hyperdia routes include use of JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service:-
1) from NISHIKUJO to TENNOJI, then transfer to LTD. EXP HARUKA, to get to Kansai Airport.
2) from NISHIKUJO to get to Kansai Airport direct, using JR Kansai Airpot Rapid Service.
Just wondering if I should purchase Haraku round trip pass and use? Please help me decide, thanks!


Hello there,

I like this one as it is a very interesting question. I would go for the Haruka one way package one you arrive and simply buy a normal ticket back using the JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service. This because the JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service is considered a local train and does not require an extra limited express fare such as the Haruka Express. You can also use the JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service if you do have a Haruka ticket, as tickets are checked upon entering and exiting the station and not within the train.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel,
And I like your very honest reply that tickets are not checked within the trains, but at entry and exit stations only. The Icoca+Haraku pass is rather irresistible at 1,030 yen for each way.... definitely beating the fares I see on Hyperdia, if they are accurate at all. Once again, thanks for your prompt reply. :)


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