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can i pay extra to use nozomi or mizuho?

Can I pay extra to use Nozomi or Mizuho?

If I have the JR pass can I pay extra to use Nozomi from Tokyo to Kyoko? If yes, how much it would cost? It woudl be different if a have a green JR pass?


Hi there,

I'm afraid the Nozomi and Mizuho class bullets are not valid with the JR Pass and you are unable to upgrade to them either with a normal or green pass. In order to use the Nozomi you will need to pay full fare.

The Hikari bullet train services which run twice per hour between Tokyo and Kyoto are valid for the JR Pass, only take 15-20mins more than the Nozomi service and reach the same top speeds. Here is a sample search of some valid Hikari bullets for you.

Hope this helps!

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