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buying the jr pass one day before traveling

Buying the JR pass one day before traveling

My brother and I have a flight to Tokyo on March 4th. Just a week ago he had some problems with his leg and he has an appointment on March 3rd with the doctor to see how serious is the problem and there is a chance we cant do the trip.
If we can still go, can we buy the JR Pass on March 3rd and put a Japan address on the delivery address?
What do you recommend?




Hello Marcelo,

That's indeed a difficult situation. There are a couple of options you could consider.

1.) Buy the JR Pass now, we can refund it if you do not use it (a 15% cancellation fee does apply).

2.) Buy the JR Pass and have it shipped to your address in Japan. Do note that the order has to be places outside of Japan and shipping to Japan takes about 3 business days.

3.) See if you can buy a JR Pass locally the day that you depart.

Hope this helps,

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