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Buying Pass

Hi, i will be coming from Narita Airport. and there are 2 selection of passes.
1)green rail pass
2) general rail pass

i would like to travel to osaka using the green rail pass ONLY as the journey is longer and i would like to be comfortable.
is it possible to buy the normal rail pass and upgrade my seats from narita airport to osaka 2 way only? or i have to buy the green rail pass only.

thank you


Hi there,

It is not recommended to upgrade to Green Class if you have a normal JR Pass. This because you will have to pay the full Green Seat Fare, which is about half the price of the rail ticket. Instead it would actually be cheaper to buy a 7 day Green Pass head of time and use that.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for the prompt reply :) i have a few more questions to ask if u dont mind.

1) Does all trains have green cabin to begin with?
2) im planning to travel to Osaka from Narita Airport, i read that if i have the Jr pass, i cant ride with Nozomi. if so how much will that be? and how long is the journey? is it the same if i were to take the Hiraki Shinkansen?

thank you :)


H again!

1.) Most trains have Green Class, local services do not however.

2.) The Hikari travels the same route as the Nozomi but makes a couple more stops on the way. The travel difference between Osaka - Tokyo is 19 minutes compared to the Nozomi.

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