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buy jr pass or pay as i go?

Buy JR pass or pay as I go?


I am going to be in Japan from June 23 to July 1. I will be landing in Tokyo and be staying there from the 23-26. I will then be travelling to Kyoto and stay there until the 29th. I will then be going back and spending the rest of my time in Tokyo until I leave. I am hoping to make day trips to Mt.Fuji, Osaka and Hiroshima as well. Is that even a possibility or no? Also the main question is whether it is better to purchase the JR pass or to just pay as I go?

Any input would be amazing.



Hi there,

I would certainly go for a 7 day JR Pass. Just by visiting Kyoto alone you will cover the cost of the pass and by visiting Hiroshima you make great use of it (a normal return Kyoto - Hiroshima alone is (22,180yen). The JR Pass also covers travel to Osaka and can also be used for local travel in Tokyo, making it very convenient to get around.

As for planning. I certainly think it is possible however be sure to make a schedule beforehand. So you don't run out of time whilst still enjoying Kyoto.

Hope this helps!

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