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best use of jr pass


I wil travel to Japan for 5 days
I will arrive Narita airport T2 late afternoon.
I have been to Japan several times thus this time I am planning to visit Karuizawa for 1 or 2 days (depends on the utility of JR pass- still not quite sure of the benefit of different type of promotion offer),the rest days will to to fish market, Shinjuku, rainbow bridge etc...

Here is my initial plan.. which one is better & save more !!??

JR Kanto pass (3 day) + single ticket
Day 1 - stay in Ueno / Tokyo ( I think better to stay at Tokyo / Shinjuky, in order to make use of NEX -right ?)
Day 2 - way to Karuizawa
Day 3 - back from Karuizawa to Shinjuku
Day 4 - Fish market / rainbow bridge
Day 5 - Ueno /Narita aiport T2

or NEX single trip + JR Kanto pass (3 days)
Day 1 - arrive hotel near fish market (use NEX to Tokyo station & transfer)
Day 2 - fish market / rainbow bridge
Day 3 - way to Karuizawa (use JR Pass)
Day 4 - back to Shinjuku
Day 5 - Ueno / Narita Airport T2

Thanks to share your comment.
p.s I am with large luggage suit


Hi there,

I think the most economic way to go about this is to buy a Keisei Skyliner & Metro pass for the first 2 days and buy the JR Kanto pass for your last 3 days (it covers the Narita Express too!). This way you will have all your travel covered and you can use the metro pass to visit the Tsukiji Fishmarket and Rainbow Bridge. The schedule for this would be the same as your 2nd plan.

For reference if you want to buy separate tickets:
Karuizawa is about ¥ 5,950 / 69 Minutes by Shinkansen or ¥ 2,710 / 226 Minutes by local train but with a lot of luggage the first option is certainly recommended.

For your Hotel location, I don't think it matters much if you take the Keisei Skyliner & Metro deal as you can travel anywhere in Tokyo without additional cost.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel san
Thanks so much for your swift & useful reply.

How about if I also go to 草津溫泉 on day 4 afternoon then back to Tokyo downtown?
Is the JR Kanto 3 day pass can be used ?



Hi again,

The JR-Kanto pass can be used to travel to Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi Station and from there you can take a bus to travel to Kusatsu onsen (670 Yen).


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Thank you !


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