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best travel arrangement

Best travel arrangement


I'm planning to travel to japan from 8th to 22nd Dec. My itinerary is as follows:

8th-11th: Tokyo (day trip out of Tokyo on 11th and then departing for Kyoto on 12th)
12th-16th: Kyoto (day trips to Osaka and Nara on two separate days and then departing for Gunma on 17th)
17th-18th: Gunma
19th-22nd: Tokyo

I'm planning to get the JR Pass from 11th-17th Dec to cover the longer travels from Tokyo to Kyoto and from Kyoto to Gunma. Is the JR Pass the cheapest way to travel in my suggested plan? Will be great to hear of any other advice that you may have!

On a side note, I noticed that there is a price difference between your website's quotation (S$354) and the other website that is linked to yours ( which quotes 37800 Yen (approx S$480). Are there any differences in the validity of these tickets quoted at different prices?

Thank you for your time on this!


Hi there!

Yes the JR Pass is the only ticket that will covers your travel between Tokyo - Kyoto and Gunma. At the same time, you can make some good savings with it.

The price of the JR Pass is 28,300yen for ordinary class (2nd class) or 37,800 for Green Class (1st), I think is the difference in price which you noted. The usage period of both passes is the same, the difference is the type of carriage you travel in.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the clarification and help! =)


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