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best route from mount fuji to osaka

Best route from Mount Fuji to Osaka


Myself and 3 friends are planning a trip to japan, we leave in just under two weeks.
I just cannot figure out the best route from Tokyo to Mount Fuji, where we will be staying one night near Lake Kawaguchi, and then to Osaka for the next night , after researching it im more confused and am unsure of the easiest route to take, any suggestions?
Also we haven't purchased the rail passes yet but know it will be the best way to travel around japan. I hope one and a half weeks is enough time to purchase them, is there a time limit on how long before you go, that you have to purchase the rail pass?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Mikayla,

Traveling from Kawaguchiko to Osaka can be somewhat complicated and takes several hours, it's important to prepare well in advance.

There are two possible route's.

The first is by train and I would recommend taking this one if you use a JR Pass as it is the most economic. The route is as follows: take the train (back) to Tokyo station and use the Shinkansen from there to Osaka. Here is an example route. The route does take 360 Minutes, so bring something to do in the meantime.

The 2nd route is to use a bus from Kawaguchiko to Mishima station and use the Shinkansen from there to Osaka. The bus takes about 2Hours and 2410yen. From Mishima station to Osaka it takes an other 170 Minutes by train to reach, this is excluding transfer time at Mishima station which is about 15-35min. You can find more information about this route here.

As for purchasing the pass, keep in mind that the pass needs to be shipped to your home address which can take a couple of days. You can find more information about shipping here. I would recommend ordering at least 1 week in advance.

Hope this helps!

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