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best option for traveling in tokyo

Best Option for Traveling In Tokyo

Hello all,

I am planning a trip in about a month and looking to get the most efficient travel pass to use during my stay in Tokyo. I do not plan to go outside of Tokyo and did look at the JR East pass compared to the standard JR Pass.

While Google Maps has JR denoted for anything for the JR pass there was no clear indication of things like the Skyliner or Narita Skyaccess were apart of JR East. I am assuming they are not.

What would be the best route I should take for traveling around tokyo and to and from the Narita Airport?


Hi there,

It completely depends from where to where you need to travel in Tokyo. Its called a metropolis for a reason :)

The best advise I can give you here is to learn to plan with Hyperdia or use on of the planning apps available for mobile to find the best routes.

It can also help to get a general feel for the Tokyo Metro and JR Network as these are the main transportation networks within Tokyo.

Between Tokyo - Narita, I would use the Narita Express. Its the fastest option with the most possible connections to other places.

Hope this helps,

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