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best itinerary for 6 nights

Best itinerary for 6 nights

hello I am arriving in Tokyo and staying 3 nights, then traveling to Nagoya and staying there for another 3 nights. I am arriving in Tokyo and departing from Nagoya.

I am contemplating in buying a 7 day JR pass. Can you help me with an itinerary to maximize the use of my pass. It's my first time to visit Japan and I would like to visit many good places as I can. Appreciate your kind response.


Hello there,

Going from Tokyo to Nagoya alone would not be enough travel for a JR Pass to pay off. However adding a trip to Kyoto and/or Osaka would be more than enough to make savings with the JR Pass and make the best of your trip.

Nagoya itself is very much a business city but is not a place many tourists stop at. You can see most important sights within one day. That would leave 2 days for side trips, one of which I would certainly use for Kyoto. The other could be Osaka, Takayama or the Hakone region.

I can also give you more specific recommendation if you let me know what you are interested in.

Hope this helps,

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