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back tracking

back tracking

Hi there
Im making a 14 days trip in Japan.. reaching at Kansai going to Osaka then to Kagoshima and then to Fukuoka and coming back to osaka from there to Kobe, back to osaka and from osaka to Yokkyachi and Nagoya and Tokyo from Tokyo to Fukuoka and Fukuoka Osaka and then to Kansai....i do all these within 14 question is the trips are unlimited back tracking is ok ? can I go up and down on any place within Japan


Hi there,

The JR Pass allows unlimited travel during it's validity period. Meaning you can travel the same track as many times as you like. Basically you could travel 3 times between Tokyo - Kyoto on the same day, or ride the Yamanote loop time until you get busy :)

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There are no backtracking restrictions at all - you can ride as much as you like. The question is, since your time is limited, is that the best use of your time?
You did not describe your trip yet, of course. For Kansai, the most interesting sites are Kyoto, Nara, and HImeji. Osaka is especially good at night to see the great atmosphere, especially Dotonbori:

Also the night views from the Umeda Sky Bldg and Abeno Harukas are terrific:

Fukuoka has a lot of nice places too - most in fact few know about. The Nanzoin Temple is a hidden jewel waiting to be discovered:

For other good places to see, try looking through:

Kagoshima has a few good places as well, especially the Sakurajima Volcano:

There are of course many other good places in Japan to see.


Thanks guys.. I really appreciate your reply and it was so much informative.


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